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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First letter from Brazil

Hola! Tudo Bem???
Brazil is amazing!! I wish I could send you pictures and share what I get to see every day with you. It really is amazing, and I am so grateful to get the chance to be here.
Before I continue writing the letter, it is quite possible that there will be a lot of mistakes. Writing in English is getting really dificult. I really struggle to remember how things are spelled. Spelling in English just looks funny to me, because I dont write in english very often.
Sounds like Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We really didnt get anything special for us. They made turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing for us for lunch, to go along with our rice and beans haha. I love the food here, but the other elders in my district think otherwise. For breakfast we always have oatmeal or porridge (im not sure how to spell that one in english) and rolls and some fruit. Lunch is the biggest meal, with some really good meats or main dish. Dinners are also pretty good. Once  a week we have pizza night, and most of the elders dont like it, but I do. It is different than american pizza, but it is really good.
Here I get to spend a lot of time talking to the Brazilian Elders. They are so fun. I love Brazilans. It was really difficult to talk to them at first, especially because they talk soo fast, but Im getting better at it and developing some good friendships with them. Sister Stevens was soo right though, you really do need a sense of humor to connect with them, because they are always trying to have a good time. It is really fun to see them talk about soccer and their teams! They are so passionate about their teams, several of them have spent a lot of time trying to convince me to root for their teams haha.
Im also really impressed by their dedication to the Church. A lot of the brazilian elders dont have very much, but they are here. Most of them are converts. One elder, from mozambique was only baptized 2 years ago, and he has read the book of mormon several times in portuguese and twice in English. They are incredible examples of what it means to be converted to the gospel, because they truly give up so much to join the Church and leave their homes.
The CTM is way different that the MTC. Everything is much more relaxed here. I dont get to teach as often because I am in a bigger district. I miss getting to teach twice a day at least, that was really fun for me. But here I have way more study time, which I have been using really well, so I feel like I am really growing in my portuguese skills more here and also getting to spend more time in my personal study of the gospel. My teachers, Irmão Zamboni and Irmã Elias are really good. Irmão Zamboni is so great with the district and he absolutely love learning which is contagious. Because he knows like 3-5 languages, I am not sure, he has some really cool insights to share with us.
I also got to go to the São Paulo temple today! It is a really beautiful temple!  
My new companion is Elder Tanke from Kennewick, Washington. However he is the only other kid from washington here, it seems like the washington elders are not getting their visas as fast as they were, because most of the kids who got their visas on time are from elsewhere.
About Christmas packages, dont worrry about it! I will buy myself something haha. But you could send pictures of the family, and me playing lacrosse so I can try to somewhat explain that to the brasilerios. They can not really understand what I am talking about when i try to explain it, well sometimes that cant understand me period.
Hope all is well. 
Love you all!!!
Elder Knowles

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