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November 2011-November 2013

Saturday, November 12, 2011

1st Letter from MTC

Tudo Bem!
So the mission, is awesome! I love it. My Companion's name is Elder Lakey. He's a pretty awesome companion. We get along really well. He played lacrosse in high school and so we definitely have a lot in common. You can probably guess, but he's also from the Pacific-Northwest (Salem, Oregon) and he's also going to Curitiba! He hasn't even got his online application yet though... so I'll probably be there before him.
My District is really awesome. All six of us are from Washington or Oregon. We get along super well which has been quite a blessing. Everyone is committed to learning and growing as much as they can, and I've learned a lot from their examples already.
The status of my visa is still unknown. However, a Couple elders in my branch who filled out their online applications the week I did, just got their visas last week and left today, so my visa should be really close to coming through. I certainly hope it goes through, but I love it here too. I'll really miss the chocolate milk from the creamery when I leave though!
Portuguese is going really well! I'm picking it up super fast. I've still got a lot of work to do, but my Spanish definitely helps a ton. They throw you into the mix of things really quickly here though. We had only 2 Portuguese lessons before we taught our first lesson to an investigator. And because we have a small district our lesson had to go for 1 hour!!!! It was pretty overwhelming, but exercising a lot of faith and studying every moment possible, we were able to teach for an hour. We pretty much teach for an hour every day except for on p-days and Sunday. It is way more than I thought I would ever be asked to do as a missionary, but as we learned in our mission conference on Sunday, we are not called because of who we have been, but rather we are called because of who we will become. The MTC is definitely helping me become the missionary the Lord would have me be. I also say all of my prayers in Portuguese now. It really is a beautiful language and I love learning it. The other elders in my district aren't catching on as fast, so I spend a lot of time helping them learn it as well.
Today we got to go to the Temple! The Provo temple is very beautiful. It was such a great experience.
I got your package. I'm really grateful that you were able to find the yellow card! and the no-bake cookies were throughly enjoyed and consumed within minutes of opening the box... I did share a couple of them. I'm not getting fat like lots of other elders, besides the chocolate milk, I'm not that excited about the cafeteria. And I run every day in gym, it really helps me have more energy during the rest of the day for some reason.
Other side notes... I ran into the Kellers last night! It was great to see them. They leave next monday for Argentina, so I was glad I got to see them before they left.
I'm glad the family is doing well. I'll write some handwritten letters to my siblings if I have time today. What's Trevor's address???  Anyways, life is great, I love it here and wouldn't rather be doing anything else!
Miss you and Love you Lots!!!!!
Elder Knowles

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