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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 2 in the Provo MTC 11/15/11

Ola Familia!!! Tudo Bem!!!
Thank you so much for the email´s and thank you eliza and thaddeus for the dearelder. I really appreciate it. It is wonderful to know I have such a loving family who prays and supports me back at home. That truly is a blessing and will help me be a better missionary.
It sounds like getting to see Elder Anderson was a great experience. I'm hoping we get one of the twelve tonight, but last week's devotional was super good. We got to hear from Eduardo Gavaret of the First Quorum of the Seventy and his wife. They were incredible! I walked away inspired to be a much better missionary.
Not much changes in the day-to-day routine for me. But I'm loving it all, (except for the food... I'm starting to eat a lot of cereal and pb&j's because I'm getting a little tired of the food.) We no longer teach super long lessons, but have begun teaching 20 minute lessons. Sharing a message in 20 minutes is kind of difficult when you're still learning the language. It has taught me to really rely on the spirit, and to really focus on bearing simple testimony of basic truths. It would be a lot easier in english, but I really love speaking portuguese. It seems to be a perfect language for me. I absolutely love it.
On Sunday, right before Church, my companion and I were stopped by a member of the branch presidency and asked to be the new Zone Leaders. So I get a little bit more to do for the time being. I was really surprised, because my visa should be coming any day now. People who put their electronic visa in the same week as I did are starting to get their visas. People find out if they got their visas or not on fridays, so that's when I should find out. They were aware of that when they called me, but I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways. I love the opportunity to get to serve my branch, it is great. My branch president is incredible, he has taught me so much already.
It has been really nice outside this week and so I've been able to play soccer during gym time. Taft would be proud of me, I'm actually getting pretty good. I love the sport and look forward to playing it in brazil. I think our days of soccer are numbered though, it should start snowing any day now.
To answer mom's question... I love you a lot would be said "Te Amo Muito!" The Te is said like "che" and and the muito would be kind of difficult to explain, but I'm learning that portuguese is a really nasal language. I think my accent is getting better but spanish interferes with my accent pretty often still.
Vos Amo Muito! Obrigado por seu amor! Tem um semana bom!
Elder Knowles

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